Hold and drag your mouse around to navigate through the forest of nerve branches.

Hover and click on a nerve branch to trigger the pop-up window and view Tumblr reblogs.

Zoom in and out using your mouse wheel.

For more information on this project click on the button on the top right of this screen.

What is this?

Each 'nerve branch' depicts how content (i.e. image, animation, video, etc) is re-blogged throughout a community of people with chronic pain on Tumblr. When clicking on different ramifications of a branch a pop-up window will show a different context (a blog) in which the same piece of content has been re-blogged.


This visualisation is for research purposes only. It explores only a small sample from a much larger network and the aim of the app is to illustrate a proof of concept.

The use of images in this research project serves primarily as a form of quotation and in all our capacity we will respect the original context of each expression. In addition, the copyright of any content displayed remains unmodified and we will try our best to credit the owner of any content and place adequate links to the content's source (Tumblr URL).

If Tumblr, or any author of the Tumblrs selected for this visualisation wish to have a specific piece of content removed, please inform us and we will remove it immediately.


Department of Methodology
London School of Economics
Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE



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